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Civil Construction Specialist

Take off Estimating 

Our take off services offer experience normally limited to contractors and their own estimating services. Our aim is to save you money and give our clients a advantage in cost savings. As a estimator with twenty two years of project management and job cost budgeting. We know numbers and the better way to build. 


 We specialize in concrete construction, civil construction photography.  The Denniston Companies currently travel the United States for our clients photographing their projects past, and present, as well as their employees. We are centrally located in Texas and able to travel to projects to fit your needs. Our photography services are used to showcase projects for clients self promotion. Our services include drone photography and video as well as on site photography. 

Drone Topography

Drone topography is our specialty. Provide analysis of topo progress to original design model or existing ground.


Offering marketing, website management, social media platform building to a select few clients. 


Prices vary depending on your project size and scope of work. 

For More information we'd be happy to talk to you. We are available at 


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